# The Beadery

What does beadery joe do

- he knows how to run his facility
- he uses his clipboard
- he does most of this in his head

> Q: would anyone else be available to also talk about their work?

# What i Corps questions do we ask beadery people?

- we always want to know what someones pain points
    - looking for specificity
    - walk through the day to day
- labor shortage questions 

> Q: how has the workforce changed?

- what is the difference between injection molding side vs packing and shipping
- what about in the front office, designing kits, and dealing with vendors (i.e. the walmarts of the world)

# What org questions do we ask of beadery people

- what does org sturcture look like?
- how does material flow through the company
    - i do know how it flows, want to ask how it has changed

> Q: what has changed in operations in the the last year and a half 

> Q: what operational changes do you forsee in 2024?

# What does beadery tech look like top to bottom

- how is tech used
- how does the beadery treat computers

where is every single place a computer interfaces with a human or a machine

- the injection molds have computers, what kind of computers
- there is an office with a computer and a priinter to print forms
- where are secret comuters or tech

> Q: how is the workforce using mobile phones?

> Q: how are people clocking in and out?

> Q: are they using walkie talkies

## categories of tech

- machine interfaces
    - comupters that control machines
    - interfaces for those computers
- office and admin compute
    - the printing of clipboard docs n things
    - what are these computers
    - what software is present
- what wireless networking is used
    - is wifi?
    - ethernet? what is connected up to a network or the internet
- design computers
    - how are designers using software differently that admin people
    - the printing of designs on beads how is it happening
- security and tracking technology
    - time card and tracking
    - security cameras
- transporatation tech
    - forklifts
    - conveyors, movement automation
    - bead sorting and packing computers
- robotics
    - are the injection molds robitcally controlled

# Consulting and Contracting

> Q: how do you approach hiring external professionals to implement any tech changes

> Q: what was the last time you went through a tech change